1) Why can't I do my own make-up and hair for my wedding? It's so expensive finding a make-up artist...

Ok, ladies..the most important thing about a wedding is you! The wedding, ceremony, reception starts when you are ready! This is a day dedicated to you! Brides spend a whole year planning; location, dress, shoes, caterer, bridesmaids, florists, invitations, etc. Some brides spend over $200 on a pair of shoes or $2,000 on flowers, and yet still trying to find the cheapest deal on hair and make-up. If your make-up is not looking right, that's what people are going to talk about! Your face should be flawless on your wedding day! And besides, who's going to see your shoes anyway?

4) But I normally don't wear make-up...

If you normally don't wear any make-up, the more you will need a make-up artist! If the thought of "oh, I would like to get my make-up done for her birthday" crossed your mind, that means at that moment, you want to get your make-up done! Not because you can't do it, but because you want to look nice, you want to impress others! That's where we step in to help you find your look

2) I'm having a pre-wedding photoshoot next month. I'll just do something simple on my face...

Photoshoots have to be perfect, the perfect lighting, the perfect angles. Why not make your face perfect too? Make-up in photoshoots are completely different in photographs. Did you know that make-up has to be intensified in photoshoots because the bright lights washes out the colors?

Many photographers will agree with me when I say that it is always good to have a make-up artist on hand because we know how to combine color, lighting, and theme. Have you noticed that all professional photoshoots have personnel specializing in something specific? ( hair stylist, stylist, photographer, light expert, make-up artist ) It's not because they're famous and can affford it, but it's because we know exactly what to do to create the expected look.

3) Why should I invest in a make-up artist? My best friend is a really good make-up artist and I usually go to her when I have to look nice to an event...

Your best friend may be good at make-up but that doesn't mean that she knows what is right, and what looks good for your skin type, color, and shape. We are trained to help you create the best look for you! Accenting your best features and diminishing your imperfections is what we do! The color that looks so cute on your best friend may not be the right color for you!

5) Okay, so what do I look for when looking for a make-up artist?

Your make-up artists are usually the first people that you see on your wedding day and the last one you see before you head out to walk down the aisle. You want to make sure that you hire someone who is not only make you look perfect, but also going to be on time, prepared, professional, calm, personable, and be able to handle that stubborn sister of yours! We are here to help you and your bridesmaids look perfect! know it is a lot to look for, but hey, you want your money worth spent on the first place anyway right?

6) Last Question...Price! Make-up artists are expensive!

I put money on the last because it is important to understand the value of what you are getting rather than finding the cheapest price out there. Don’t get me wrong, everybody loves saving money! But it is wiser to ensure your peace of mind by hiring someone that will take care of all your beauty needs!

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