Teresa SONG

Hi! I'm Teresa. 

I am a traveling, fast metabolism food eating/food motivated, tree hugging, plant mom. I love being in nature and being in any body of water. I'm a sucker for good coffee and vintage stuff - I have quite a collection of vintage glassware in my kitchen. I love old cars too - I have one tattooed on me. 

I was an art major in college - more so art history; architecture, mosques, historic paintings, and old techniques. Sketching people was my thing and it was somewhere around there where I discovered that I was really good at hair and makeup. I loved painting on people's faces! Fast forward to a career change and beauty school, here I am!

Now I'm a California state licensed cosmetologist, I've had my license since 2010. I specialize in clean beauty in editorial and film.

I'm proud to say I am internationally published artist, taught and trained from top celebrity makeup artists and hairstlyists such as Scott Barnes, Mario Dedivanovic, Val Garland, and Frank Galasso.  I am very proud of my resume.

I am based out of SF, LA, & Las Vegas - I tend to travel to these cities the most.

Corporate / Commercial

  • Clorox
  • Adidas
  • Blue Shield of California
  • Chevrolet
  • Shabby Apple
  • Eloquis Pharmaceuticals 
  • Fairmont Heritage, Ghiradelli Square
  • Papyrus
  • John Muir Health
  • Lifetime
  • San Francisco Fashion Week 2015
  • Silicon Valley Fashion Week 2015
  • Project Runway Allstars Season 5
  • Project Runway Allstars Season 6
  • America's Next Top Model Cycle 22
  • FOX 2 News
  • NBC
  • San Francisco Airport
  • Monster Strike
  • New York Fashion Week 2016


  • O the Oprah Magazine
  • VOGUE Italia
  • Marie Claire China Magazine
  • People Magazine, Lithuania
  • Hip Hop Weekly Magazine
  • RB Boutique Magazine, Lithuania
  • Street Low Magazine 
  • Diablo Valley Magazine
  • Elegant Magazine Beauty
  • Elegant Magazine Sensual 
  • Glam Modelz Magazine
  • South Asian Brides Magazine 
  • Niquea.DJewelry, Styled Magazine
  • YES Magazine
  • GEV Magazine 
  • Business Heroine Magazine 
  • Wired Magazine 
  • Kat Club Magazine 
  • Ye'Nique Magazine
  • Vintage Boudoir Magazine
  • Top Agent Magazine
  • ICON Magazine
  • Young Fashion Kids Magazine *2 publications
  • Bambini Stellari Magazine 
  • Promo Magazine *3 publications
  • 7Roar Magazine
  • Dark Beauty Magazine
  • Pump Magazine


  • The Make Over Guy Christopher Hopkins
  • RAW Artists 2012; Featured Makeup Artist
  • FIDM
  • KCAL Channel 9 News Interview
  • RAW Artists 2016; Featured Hairstylist
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